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PlaSon is a combination of atmospheric pressure plasma and ultrasound technology

A device with non-contact plasma energy and ultrasound. For skin regeneration, hyperpigmentation removal, skin lifting and acne treatment. PlaSon renews, brightens, lifts and tightens the skin. The therapy is fast, anaesthesia-free, non-invasive and the procedures also sterilise the skin. The procedure is painless with a fast recovery. The device is equipped with two attachments, the "Plasma Poration" for plasma energy and the "Sono Poration" for ultrasound. The use of both is combined. The 4 main roles of the PlaSon device are:

  • Sterilising the skin and faster healing on the skin

  • Rapid absorption of active ingredients by transdermal application

  • Removal of pigmentation and skin lightening

  • Restoring and tightening the skin - lifting effect


TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System)

Skin restoration

Prevent skin ageing by stimulating collagen and fibroblast production

Reduction of wrinkles

Strengthening skin elasticity by stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic system, fibroblast production

Skin cleansing

Creating clear skin by reducing melanin emission in the dermis and epidermis



Causes incredible absorption by acting on Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs)



Causes incredible absorption by acting on Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs)

Balances skin tone

Anti-pigmentation effect by suppressing melanin pigment and enhancing the absorption of active ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation applied to the skin.


Sterilises bacteria that cause various skin problems with a powerful sterilising effect. Suitable for the treatment of acne and all other inflammatory processes of the skin.

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