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Procare XP Procare XP - body and face shaping device, a combination of ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, vacuum and electromagnetic stimulation, and LED therapy.

What is Procare XP and how does it work?

  • It combines several different technologies for an even more effective result

  • combination of ultrasonic cavitation, radiofrequency, vacuum, electromagnetic stimulation and LED light

  • powerful ultrasonic cavitation leading to permanent lipolysis (permanent removal of excess fat)

  • radiofrequency skin lifting and tightening (special RF technology)

  • special technology with vacuum vibration and smooth gliding on the skin (Super Pulse Unique Technology)

  • electromagnetic action and muscle strengthening (Bland EMS technology)

  • special tenology allows penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin, can also be used for facial wrinkle therapy (Safe Electrophoresis Technology)

Procare XP - types of technologies

Ultrasonic cavitation Ultrasonic cavitation and blue LED (without strong ultrasound sound)
Radio Frequency Multipolar RF combined with vacuum and LED light
EMS - Electromagnetic Stimulation Bipolar EMS and red LED light
RF for face and neck Multipolar RF, electrophoresis, LED light

1. Ultrasonic cavitation

2. Radiofrequency

Advanced multi-polar radiofrequency technology safely and effectively delivers thermal energy deep into the skin. The RF intensity can be controlled (1~5 level) and the device measures the impedance, so the use of the device is safe and no burns occur.

Stabilised powerful control of vacuum operation. Vacuum level indication (1~5 levels). Different vacuum pulses/vibrations for versatile use; adjusts according to customer condition: continuous, slow, normal, fast.

RF technology that senses the body's impedance and adjusts the heat energy optimised for the client's skin so that no burns occur.

The large body applicator has a 630nm red LED light that helps with collagen synthesis and skin tightening

BTIS (BTI Smart)

  • No burns: this technology avoids burns on the skin on contact of the RF applicator with the skin

  • impedance is measured at skin contact via the RF applicator

  • Specialised RF technology from SeoulinMediCare to improve safety during the procedure.

3. EMS

AMF (Amplitude Modulated Frequency) technology combined with low and medium-low frequencies to stimulate muscles for better overall therapy effects.

4. RF for face and neck

Specifications Procare XP

  • MODEL NAME: SLM-7652

  • RADIO FREQUENCY: multipolar [~1MHz]

  • EMS: 4000Hz

  • DISPLAY: 10.2 inch digital touch screen

  • INPUT VOLTAGE: AC 100~110V/50~60Hz, AC 220~235V/50~60Hz



  • DIMENSIONS: 332(W) X 400(L) X 445(H) mm

  • WEIGHT: 15kg

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