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What is Janus?

With Janus III professional digital facial analysis, we can see conditions that are hidden from the eye and obtain important information that helps us plan care and aesthetic interventions. Janus can pinpoint the condition of the skin, both on the surface and below the surface.

How does it work

It analyses 12 parameters on the skin of the face.

Takes depth photographs of facial skin using a special protocol using multi-spectral photography.

The results of the analysis are compared with a database of other people of the same age, sex and skin type, and the deviations are calculated.

Based on the results, advice follows.

3 different light sources

The flash source contains all the wavelengths that pass through the visible spectrum, allowing it to express a colour close to that of natural light.
Normal light- indirect irradiation makes a skin image that prevents overexposure.
Polarised light- a polarising filter that removes the reflection of light on the surface of the skin to capture images that go beyond texture.
UV light- a polarising filter that removes the reflection of light on the surface of the skin to capture images that exclude texture.

Additional features

  • Uses 3 excellent spectral light sources to provide optimised images for analysis.

  • Uses professional photography techniques with a special lighting mode.

  • Provides high-resolution images taken with the most recognisable DSLR camera.

  • The programme, implemented with calibration, can measure the actual size and length of the face.



Canon 200D DSLR


24.2 megapixels


Canon 18-55mm IS STM


39(W) x 39(L) x 50(H), 8.1kg

Analysis sections

12 sections (pores / wrinkles + nasobial fold / elasticity + angle of jaw / blemishes (polarised / UV) / skin tone + redness / sebum + porphyrin / moisture)


1920 x 1080 (16:9)


Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian, Vietnamese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish (15 in total)


Normal light, Polarised light, UV light

Who is Janus suitable for?

Janus is suitable for everyone

JANUS III professional digital facial skin analysis can help you plan your treatments and advise on the best individual solution.

The analysis is suitable before dermal filler rejuvenation procedures, wrinkle smoothing with Botox and other non-invasive rejuvenation procedures (such as ProFacial, HIFU, Vivace, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, chemical peels, etc.).

The analysis is also suitable for young people, as UV damage starts to accumulate very quickly, and if we see it, we can act preventively. A better diagnosis also means a higher probability of a better final result.

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