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VIVACE The world's No.1 device for RF microneedling for superior results

VIVACE™ - the latest generation of FRACTIONED RF microneedling

Fractionated RF microneedling is a technology that non-invasively, safely and effectively, without pain or permanent damage, induces micro-damage in the skin with the aim of stimulating the formation of new collagen (collagen induction therapy).

VIVACE™ is the latest generation of fractionated RF microneedling, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) approved and certified, and CE marked. VIVACE is the top rated technology in the RF microneedling medical device category according to users of the US portal RealSelf.
VIVACE ™ medical device for use in aesthetic medicine and differs from other devices on the market in that it is the only built-in precision robotic-controlled motor, which achieves greater accuracy and safety of the process, faster execution, better results and greater customer comfort during the procedure
The procedure is comfortable and minimally invasive, the skin is less irritated after VIVACE therapy compared to other similar procedures, and there is virtually no recovery time, as the skin immediately becomes even more radiant and toned after the treatment. The microneedling attachments are also a special feature, the 36 needles on the attachment are gold-plated, gold as a metal has excellent conductive properties, so the energy can be even more effective, and the needles are very precise, thin and gentle at the same time. Gold also has a proven anti-ageing effect.


Combination of fractionated RF, microneedling and LED light for faster and better results.

Thanks to a special technology (robotic motor control), the procedure is more comfortable, less painful, safer and more controlled.

The VIVACE treatment is suitable for all skin types.

VIVACE Therapy has the highest "WorthIt" rating from RealSelf members, where users rate their experience with therapies, making VIVACE Therapy the highest rated of all currently available comparable medical-cosmetic devices.

Minimally invasive procedure. Painless.

Gold needles on the spout combined with LED light therapy. Gold has a proven anti-aging effect on the skin, as gold activates electrons in the skin cells and triggers the process of cellular self-renewal and new cell growth!

* RealSelf is the leading American and most trusted online portal dedicated to the selection of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, with more than 10 years of tradition and more than a million visitors on a monthly basis. It offers unbiased information on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and contractors, thoughtfully and accurately checks quality, certifications and maintains high standards.


the tiny, gilded needles on the tip of the device emit radio frequency energy, which is transformed into heat in the deeper layers of the skin. Needles and heat create controlled microdamages that accelerate the process of cell regeneration. The natural response of the organism to the healing of controlled injuries is the accelerated formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. The skin becomes firmer, the complexion and tone of the skin improves, irregularities such as pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks and scars are eliminated. The adapter also has red and blue LED therapeutic lights, which have additional properties. Red LED light rejuvenating properties. Blue LED light with antiseptic properties (against acne, inflammation). Before starting the therapy, the skin is cleansed and a mild antiseptic is applied. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes. During the exercise, you may feel a slight pressure on the skin, a slight tingling sensation, and the procedure is otherwise painless. VIVACE ™ is used to rejuvenate and improve the quality of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, arms and other specific parts of the body (skin remodeling).


certain results are noticeable immediately, as the skin is smoother, more uniform, there is a "plump effect"…, and long-term results develop over time in a period of a few weeks to 6 months, depending on the predispositions of the individual and the ability to regenerate and produce collagen at the cellular level. For optimal results, several repetitions are required, usually 4x, the number of therapies and time frame is determined in consultation with the therapist; protocol, is determined by the specialist who will perform the procedure. Repetition every 6-12 months is advised to maintain the condition. Consistent follow-up facial skin care at home is also essential to maintain results.


mild swelling, minor bleeding and redness of the skin may occur, which resolve within a few days at the latest. 24 hours after therapy, washing the face with hot water and aggressive cleansers is not recommended. Sauna, facial massages, heavy physical activities, alcohol consumption, exposure to direct sunlight, solarium, are not recommended for at least 3 days after the procedure. It is also necessary to protect the skin from UV rays and care for the skin with a quality moisturizing and / or nourishing cream. One week after the facial treatment, we do not recommend performing other procedures, such as acid peels, laser treatments and the like. Up to one week after the procedure, we also do not recommend classic cosmetic care.



  • LCD screen size: 10.4 inches

  •  Electrical voltage and frequency: AC230V, 50 / 60Hz

  •  Dimensions: (W) 350mm x (L) 340mm x (H) 1200mm

  •  Weight: 24kg

  •  Memory function: P1 ~ P4

  •  Needle length: 0.5mm 3.5mm (control length 0.5mm 3.5mm - 0.1mm at a time)

  •  RF pulse duration: 100ms ~ 800ms per 100ms

  •  Dual mode: 1MHz & 2MHz

  •  LED colors: red & blue

  •  Automatic mode function

  •  Double switch: manual or with foot pedal

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